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celebrity quotes

„Tam Ward has a wonderful voice - I closed my eyes from time to time and really heard: This is a voice that is so close. Fascinating!“

Dieter Hallervorden, 08.01.2020

„It was a thoroughly successful evening and a great premiere. A great musical and a very emotional and bizarre story. I am very pleasantly surprised and I have to say: It is highly recommended!“

Matthias Fella, 08.01.2020

„ I think it was wonderful, especially the second half was very touching. If you look at Frank Sinatra's life, you can see that he was a person with rough edges. Sinatra was not glorified, but presented as it really was.“

Maren Gilzer, 08.01.2020

„A really great band, a great orchestra. The music is a blast, of course, and the musicians, dancers, singers - it's a very nice evening and I wish everyone a wonderful tour!“

Ralph Morgenstern, 08.01.2020

„ I really liked it and sometimes I actually thought I was listening to Frank Sinatra singing. This resemblance to the voice is striking! I really expected a lot, but I didn't expect that.“

Caroline Beil, 08.01.2020