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That's Life 
The Sinatra-Musical


Frank Sinatra, one of the world‘s greatest entertainers, is unforgotten till today: With his songs like „My Way“, „Strangers In The Night“ or „New York, New York“ he gained international renown and he is regarded as one of the most influential personalities of pop music in the  20th century. His life was changing between Las Vegas and New York, performances on stages all over the world, passionate marriages with Nancy Barbato, Ava Gardner and Mia Farrow, mysterious relations to Mafia and policy.

„That’s Life – The Sinatra Musical“ by producer of success Oliver Forster (e.g. „Falco - The Musical“ and „BEAT IT! – The Musical on the King of Pop!“),  is presenting in impressing scenes Sinatra’s unique career, but also depicts the shady sides of his glamorous looking life. The Las Vegas Show presents „Frankie Boy‘s“ greatest hits and relegates the audience into the legendary time of Swing and Big Bands. At the occasion of Frank Sinatra’s 105th anniversary „That’s Life“ had its world premiere in the Theater at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin and is now on big tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the cities Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Munich, Vienna, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt on the Main, Bern and Basel.

More than 50 years in show business

In spring 1942 Sinatra started his solo career and this was the beginning of an unequaled success story, lasting for more than 50 years. Already after a few months the Americans were kissing his feet. He got the nickname „Frankie Boy“, and his fans raved enthusiastically about his voice which was said to be as American as their anthem. For this reason he was also called „The Voice“. Sinatra left his distinctive mark on many American classic songs: Every song he interpreted became an evergreen, such as the hymn to the Big Apple „New York, New York“, „Strangers In The Night“, „White Christmas“, „Moon River“, „Love And Marriage“ and the legendary „My Way“.

The Sinatra way of life

At the beginning of the 50s he had to struggle for the first time with health and private problems that overshadowed his career: In 1951 Sinatra got divorced from his first wife to marry actress and diva Ava Gardner. In the following year he developed a severe disease of his vocal cords and for the time being his production of records was put on hold. To make matters worse, he was fired by his agency MCA. But Sinatra never gave up and fought: In 1953 he introduced himself at Columbia Pictures and was successful in convincing Fred Zinnemann to give him the role of GI Angelo Maggio in his film „From Here To Eternity“. Sinatra’s way payed off: He gained an Oscar for the best supporting role.

The 60s: Las Vegas, big bands & "The Rat Pack"

The legendary Las Vegas Performances of „The Rat Pack“ are unforgotten: Together with Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Joey Bishop, Peter Lawford and Shirley MacLaine Sinatra played in the famous „Sands Hotel“. These shows were the most demanded of this time: With their outstanding mixture of comedic dialogues between entertainers and audience and presentation of world-famous songs, accompanied by perfect Big Band Swing, they made American entertainment history.

After his divorce of Ava Gardner in 1957, the scandalous marriage with Mia Farrow followed in 1966. At that time Sinatra was 50 years old and Farrow innocent 20 years. The marriage lasted only for two years but the friendship with Mia persisted. In 1976 Sinatra finally sailed into the haven of matrimony with Barbara Marx. In 1969 Paul Anka revised the hit „My Way“, an original of Claude François and Jaques Revaux, which should become Sinatra’s identifying feature.

A man of superlatives

Frank Sinatra was a man to whom all possible superlatives of popular music could be applied. In the course of his career he succeeded in keeping his distinctive style and stay always on top of commercial success despite of opposing trends. He became one of the most important characters in the American and international music business. With more than 1.800 records, 60 film parts, nine Grammys and one Oscar he exceeded all records in entertainment industry to date.